EMVA Conference 2010 in Istanbul

The 8th EMVA European Machine Vision Conference is getting closer: the conference will take place on April 16 and 17, 2010, in Istanbul, Turkey. Business leaders of the machine vision industry from 20 countries are expected to participate.
We are pleased to present at the conference Mark McGregor, a top-notch speaker offering a session on leadership. In high demand around the globe, Mark has a proven track record of inspiring business executives with his views on motivation, high performance teams, the psychology of winning and many other topics. Since 1999, he has been ranked as one of the top speakers at the St. Gallen Business School and the St. Gallen Management Program. I myself attended one of Marks seminars on leadership and look very much forward to hear him again in Istanbul.
Mark’s approach is unique: His former career as a professional ice hockey player and coach in Canada, Germany and Switzerland enables him to transfer insights from high-performance teams in sports to those in the world of business.
The leadership session is not the only highlight of the conference, however. Once again, the EMVA Conference 2010 focuses on the topics that matter. Here is a quick overview:
Machine Vision in Turkey: Turkey is dynamically developing as a manufacturing base. Top speakers will give overviews of the Turkish economy, the Turkish machine vision industry and machine vision use in Turkey’s rapidly growing manufacturing sector.
Machine Vision Markets: Get the latest updates on machine vision market developments in Europe, North America and Japan.
Research Funding Opportunities in Europe: Find out what is in it for the machine vision industry at our panel discussion.
Technology Trends: Augmented Reality. Service Robotics. Two presentations provide a technology update and identify potentials for the machine vision industry.

I hope this short summary watered your mouths and I will see all of you in Istanbul in April. Of course the networking will be great as always, and the pre-conference reception, the Friday evening event and the sightseeing tour on Saturday afternoon will make for a brilliant framework. More information can be found at www.emva.org.

Gabriele Jansen

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